Memory Loss

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Memory Loss

Post by Longhornlady » Mon Jul 19, 2010 1:30 pm

One day, Joe, an elderly gentleman, came to visit his best friend, Bill who was 2 years his senior. They were sitting on the patio sipping coffee when Joe shared serious concerns with Bill that he was beginning to experience some memory loss.

Bill said, "Oh, I understand. I was having some real trouble too. But, I found an excellent doctor who was able to really help me with that."

"Really?" Joe replied. "What's his name? Maybe he can help me too?"

"OK, let's see." thought Bill. "Uh, flower..." Bill thought some more, "red..." Still pondering, he said, "thorns... "

"ROSE!" Joe shouted.

"YES!" Bill responded thankfully!

"Hey Rose!" Bill shouted into the other room to his wife. "What was the name of that doctor that helped me remember so much better?"

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