2013 Sitka Seafood Festival Highland/Island Games

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2013 Sitka Seafood Festival Highland/Island Games

Postby jimdeg73 » Thu May 23, 2013 7:20 pm

The Sitka Seafood Festival will again be hosting the Highland/Island Games on August 3rd held on the SJ lawn starting at about 12:30PM. The Scottish Highland Games is a weight throwing competition traditionally held in Scotland but also currently held throughout the US and Canada and is the origin of many modern day Track and Field events. It's original purpose was to allow the nobles and Clans of Scotland to choose which men should be members of their armies.

The competition will consist of the following events.

Mens: 16lb open stone throw, 56lb/42lb Weight for distance, 28lb Weight for distance, 16lb/22lb hammer toss, 56lb/42lb Weight for Height, Caber Toss, 20lb/16lb Sheaf Toss. (If two weights are listed for an event, The lightweight and Masters classes throw the lighter weight)

Womens: 10lb open stone throw, 28lb Weight for distance, 14lb Weight for distance, 12lb hammer toss, 28lb Weight for Height, Caber Toss, 10lb Sheaf Toss

This year we are planning on having 4 classes
Mens Open- Includes experienced and new throwers but will be scored separately.
Mens Light Weight- All competitors are less than 190 lbs, you will need to weigh in
Mens Masters- All competitors are over 40 years of age
Women's open- Same as mens

Wearing of a Kilt during competition is required - It is a Scottish event after all! Loaners may be available

Each competitor is awarded points correlating to the place they rank in each of the 7 events. The competitor with the least amount of points at the end of all 7 events is the winner of the competition and will win a trophy

Practices will be held throughout the summer for those interested in competing. Attending a practice is highly encouraged due to the danger of some of the events.
Practice will generally be held on saturday or sundays afternoons depending on schedules and wednesday afternoons at 5:00pm. Starting on
Contact Jim Gibson ay 757-535-3962 or Jgibson73@gmail.com if you are interested and you will be added to a Text Message list for practice times.
Practice times will also be posted on the Facebook event page at Sitka Seafood Festival.

Rules for the events can be found here.

A waiver is required for participation in the August Competition and an entry fee to pay for T-shirt, costs and insurance will be required practices are free.

Hope to hear from you!

Examples of events: Can be seen about here:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkvP5y_w ... re=related
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Re: 2013 Sitka Seafood Festival Highland/Island Games

Postby jimdeg73 » Fri Aug 02, 2013 8:56 pm

For anyone that would like to enter the Highland/Island games this Saturday Aug 3, Please be at the SJ lawn by 11:30 to fill out required paper work and get entry fees paid. Looking forward to a fun day of throwing heavy things around.
See you there.
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