kayaker lf rental

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kayaker lf rental

Postby kayaire » Tue Aug 13, 2013 3:14 pm

Retired Oregon kayaker wanting to relocate to Sitka, looking for year round room, or other small space, suitable for minimalist lodging. More interested in expense than nice. Planning on spending my time outdoors, not so much indoors, especially during the summer. If you have some kind of space that you thought you couldn't rent because it isn't fixed up, let's talk. If you rent a room to summer visitors but would like to generate income through the winter also, let me know. I can move out during the summer so you can take advantage of the demand to get more for your space, then move back in the fall. Would consider liveaboard, outbuilding, or any space that could provide bare essentials...turn it into income...let's get creative. Own a nice, small 18' Toyota motorhome, so would consider renting a space to park...with, or without, hook ups, if it is a permanent arrangement as it would cost me $700 to ferry it up.
Contact Tom: 541-590-0187, or email: kayaire@yahoo.com
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