Nothing for kids to do?

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Nothing for kids to do?

Postby Muzette1963 » Wed Feb 07, 2007 1:43 am

hear a lot of kids complaining that there is nothing to do here in Sitka. I guess that depends on what you mean by "do". Are you expecting someone else to entertain you? Or are you being specific about certain things that are not available like a real skate park? A skate park would be great for some of the kids and is a great idea but not all kids would use it and it would not solve the "I'm bored" problem. I travel a lot and I see the same bored expression and hear the same complaints from kids (ususally teenagers) in many parts of the United States. Kids today seem to expect someone to entertain them. They grew up on television and video games and other passive entertainment.

I grew up here and I never had trouble finding plenty to do. But I guess I had an imagination and liked to build things and explore and discover and learn and create and participate... there are a lot of special interest groups in this town from quilting and knitting and doll making, musicians jamming and artists arting and fishers fishing. Build your own canoe. Learn to make spruce root baskets. Rebuild an old car. We have a private college and a branch of the unversity - take a class. Start a website. Get into politics. Learn to SCUBA dive. Hike the numerous fine trails we have. Find out what is living under those rocks on the beach. Build a tree house. Design your own t-shirts to sell to the tourists in the summer. If you don't find a group doing what you are interested in - start a new group. There is no excuse to be "bored". But you might have to give up on certain activities that are not available - like hanging out at a large shopping mall - and seek alternatives. You might have to actually LIVE!
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Postby bcnulaterwyo » Wed Feb 21, 2007 6:43 am

You can live in a large metropolitan area and still hear from kids that there is nothing for them to do.

In this day and age of hand-held gadgets and other electronic entertainment devices, the "creativity of play" has gone to the wayside. I remember growing up in the 60's & 70's we would go all day playing outside from sunrise till sunset. Whether it was riding bikes, building forts, etc. There was that creative imagination involved.

I was fortunate enough that my kids grew up during the early to mid 90's before the electronic age became a staple in daily activity, and I was able to stay home with them during their growing years. Yes, we did have Nintenedo but there were limitations set on it's use.

Another issue with families today is that with both parents needing to work just to maintain a livable income, kids are needing to "mature" earlier with expectations of caring for themselves or siblings for periods of time until parents return home from work. So there isn't time for them to "play" and electronics fill the void.

I guess what I am trying to say in a round about way is that kids need to be creative in their activities. Start using their brains instead of depending upon other devices for their entertainment.
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Postby irishlassy1973 » Tue May 29, 2007 8:44 pm

I agree totally, kids depend to much on Ipods, computers, video games, and television for entertainment. We just moved here from Arizona and even in a huge city like Phoenix, same story....the "i'm bord" complaint. I grew up in a very small northern california " cattle" town and we went out side to play, used our imaginations and made up games to play. We developed our creativity that way. Now kids expect some one to entertain them constantly....It is partly the parents fault in my book. They provided these things and allowed it to take such a major role in their childs life. Parents need to understand, we grew up with out that crap and were alive and healthy and have expanded our minds because of it. These kids dont have to think at all. They have cash registers and computers do all the thinking for them. They just have to push a button and walla....all figured out for them. I was in the super market the other day and the registers went down, the kid working there could not even count back change. The kid was dumb founded and just stared at the blank screen on the register. THAT BLEW MY MIND!! Dont even get me started on the absolute dramatic need they have for text messaging!! GOOD GRIEF!! Either call them or wait 2 hrs until you see them again and just tell them what ever it is then!! Is is REALLY THAT IMPORTANT. There was a kids texting during a movie I paid to see...she was there to get out of her parents sight and I paid to actually WATCH the movie! The light from the cell phone was very distracting in the total darkness of the theater. I was so mad!! Well I just wanted to say that I totally agree, kids need less gadgets and more nature or family time. Some thing other than cell phones, computers and video games!!
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