Free use of reusable bags

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Free use of reusable bags

Post by Gato Negro » Mon Sep 16, 2013 2:44 pm

The reusable Bag Exchanges at SeaMart and AC Lakeside grocery stores will open this Friday, September 20! Starting on Friday, watch for the boxes, look for the signs, and borrow a reusable cloth bag any time you need one, or drop off your extra, clean reusable bags for others to use.

The bag exchange will work like a library...

Need a reusable bag or forgot your reusable bag?
1) Borrow one from the Bag Exchange at SeaMart or AC Lakeside,
2) Then return it, cleaned, to the Bag Exchange at either store on your next visit.

Have extra reusable bags?
1) Wash and dry them well
2) Drop them off at the Bag Exchange at either store and borrow one when needed.

Call 747-2708 for more information.

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