Swimmers itch

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Swimmers itch

Post by onebear » Thu May 29, 2014 11:39 am

I have been a 5 day a week swimmer at the Blatchley pool for some time. Twice within the last nine months I have suffered from a rash that is accompanied by a maddening itch. I went to the doctor and we tried everything to no avail until I skipped swimming for a few weeks during December 2013. The rash and itching went away. Then, I went back to my regular 5 day a week Noon swimming schedule. The rash and itch returned with a vengeance. One day I noticed one of my fellow swimmers scrubbing his lower legs vigorously in the shower and I asked if he had an itch that wouldn't go away. He answered with an emphatic YES. Oh my. So, I started asking other swimmers. So far, I've found four others complaining of the same problem. My internet search for "saltwater swimming pool itch" brought evidence that this problem is not unique to Sitka. It is unique to saltwater pools. Posts on the internet describe the exact same symptoms that are being experienced by myself and the other swimmers I've discovered. I stopped swimming about a month ago and the itch and rash are finally gone.

If there are others out there who have been suffering from this "mystery itch," I would appreciate you contacting me at drdaksi@gmail.com. If you have it, it will have gotten your attention. The itch is deep, severe and persistent. It demands to be scratched. The rash/itch is most commonly found on the lower legs and ankles, the waistline front and back, and the middle of the back between the should blades (you'll find yourself wanting to scratch your back on a tree like a bear). My grandson and I have scratched ourselves in our sleep until we bled. That is, when I could sleep with the itching driving me crazy.

Sitka staff are working on the problem, but they are mystified. It would be helpful to find out who else is experiencing the same symptoms. It could help us figure what is causing the problem.

I have been to a physician (treated for bacteria, fungi, yeast, etc.) to no avail. I have changed bath soaps, detergents, tried lotions and creams, all without success. I stopped swimming and I got well.

Contact me at drdaksi@gmail.com if you can help. Thanks

Dr Ronald E Dick

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